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We are The National Workgroup Pediatric Intensive Care Children in The Netherlands.

In 2001 a national workgroup pediatric intensive care was founded. Experienced nurses from pediatric intensive care units from the 8 academic centres in The Netherlands participate in this workgroup. The workgroup was founded, originally, to optimise the acute care for children with a meningococcal sepsis . Now we have expanded to the acute care of children after drowning.

By means of sharing knowledge and expertise with colleague nurses at both academic- and peripheral hospitals, the workgroup aims to contribute to the improvement of acute care for children with severe conditions like meningococcal sepsis and after drowning. This knowledge is shared in different ways:

* Realising the national guidelines which are approved by the intensive care pediatricians from the participating academic centres

* Providing a syllabus with the national guidelines, covering the total care for the specific patient group.

* Through our website where all the information is available.

* By organising national seminars on the subject. In 2004 one was organized about the care for children with a meningococcal sepsis and in October 2007 we organised a seminar about all the aspects of care for children after drowning. Both were a big success and well booked with over 300 participants. For Oktober 7 2010 a seminar on the topic “neurotrauma and children” is in progress. We will also make a syllabus on all the medical and nursing aspects of children with head trauma.

* Facilitate lessons on the wards and education-centres.


Since its start in 2001, the workgroup has become well known and valued by colleagues. We also receive questions from colleagues in Belgium on different subjects.

In the future the workgroup will continue its work. We aim to anticipate topical questions from colleagues, contribute to research done by others and keeping the guidelines up to date. By means of a questionnaire, filled in at the seminars, we select new topics to put our attention to. In this way the workgroup contributes to improve the quality of care for children on a national level.


Unfortunately the guidelines we use are not translated in English but we hope this wil be possible in the future.